Wood Brokerage International is proud to offer a variety of pine moulding and millwork products sourced primarily from mills in South America using logs from plantation sites. WBI mills produce a complete range of these products to cover all building requirements from commercial to single and multi-family home construction.

Ask us about:

  • Moulding grade and shop lumber
  • Fingerjoint blocks and blanks
  • Mouldings and millwork products
  • Dimension, doorskins


We offer an excellent selection of fully machined, finished interior pine molding products:

  • Interior trim profiles
  • Casings
  • Base
  • Crowns, coves, beds
  • Door stops, chair rail, interior jambs
  • FSC Certified

factory-moulding-and-millworkWould you like product specifications and quotes on softwood millwork?
Contact our Bend, Oregon office:

Phone: 541-706-9344
Toll free: 866-471-9988
Mobile: 541-419-8748
Fax: 541-678-5589

You may also contact us here for additional detailed product specifications.