Apitong Trailer Decking

High performance Apitong hardwood trailer decking is considered the strongest strength-to-weight ratio wood of all commercially harvested species. Sourced primarily in Indonesia and Malaysia, Apitong (also known as Keruing) is the material of choice for durability and longevity for the transportation industry.

Air drying Keruing blanks
Air drying Keruing blanks

We also work with other wood species including Angelim Pedra, Purpleheart and domestic white and red oak. Dense, durable tropical hardwoods are low maintenance, and resistant to rot, insect damage and the toughest weather conditions. At Wood Brokerage International, our hardwood specialists match your truck and trailer decking needs with your budget.

Our clients include:

  • Distributors
  • Fleet owners
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Independent owner-operators
  • Aftermarket repair shops
  • Outdoor industrial decking construction companies
  • Rail car and oil exploration

Truck Flooring

Laminated truck flooring (LTF) is used for truck body and dry van applications and is not commonly exposed to weather. Our Apitong wood truck flooring is available in up to 40′ lengths, and can be ordered in a variety of configurations and sizes to meet your needs. Popular for its incredible durability, long straight grain and knot-free qualities, Apitong is highly desired as the premium choice for long-lasting truck flooring.

Box truck flooring must stand up to hard use. The right flooring choice will extend the life of trucks and container units, increasing total payloads over the life of commercial vehicles. Apitong truck decking is a specialty of Wood Brokerage International. Call us today to discuss your truck flooring needs.

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